Top 5 Supernatural Romance Books of 2021

best supernatural romance

Supernatural romance books rock the world! – Or at least my world. There’s no other genre that offers a hunky shapeshifter billionaire who falls in love with a common journalist girl, an alien-demon battle action in the conquest of a dame or an alien caveman warrior who impregnates women but ends up being mesmerized by one particular woman.

Whether you get a kick out of the sexy mysterious supernatural beings, page after page of intense smut or the unfolding of spring love with a twisted plot, in this genre, you always get what your heart desires. And though there were several speculative romances last year, we’re exhilarated about more of that supernatural love action as we start anew in 2021.

It’s extremely difficult to select just one romance book that you should look forward to the most but after going through several of them, we found a few that make the top 5 list.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Number 5: Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs

It is a Mercy Thompson Novel of only 366 pages. If you are a fast reader and captivated by urban fiction fantasy then this book is your cup of tea. Just hold onto your horses till February 9th when the book will be on sale. Furthermore, this a New York Times bestseller so you are sure to be entertained and thrilled page after page.

Mercy Thompson who is a car mechanic and shapeshifter that turns into fox Volkswagens and a thirty-five-pound coyote is in great danger and needs the assistance of her queer friends as well as a pack of werewolves to overcome this threat.

Mercy braces herself to fight and conquer a group of prisoners and creatures left behind by the fae centuries ago. To take you back, the fae existed in Underhill centuries before they were exiled by Mercy. They abandoned their castles, troves, magical artefacts as well as their pets and prisoners. As a result, these dangerous creatures roamed around Underhill devouring everything they came across.

One particular prisoner escaped- it could disguise itself into anyone and anything and one bite was enough to make someone its slave. Afterwards, it could make one do whatever it wanted including murder the people they cherish the most.

This treacherous creature is in Mercy Thompson’s territory and it is her job to get rid of it. Will she prevail? Keep your fingers crossed.

Number 4: The Vampire’s Slave (Tale of Vampires Book 1) by Zara Novak

If you could sit through the TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ from beginning to the end, then this 205-page book will get you hooked. The new edition goes for $9.99 and there are also 4 used available for $5.43 on Amazon.

Let me just give you the tip of the iceberg. So Claire meets this handsome drop-dead gorgeous dude Eric Belmont who moved across the hall but she doesn’t know that he isn’t mortal. She also doesn’t know that Eric has been stalking her for quite some time.

She possesses supernatural ability to mate with vampires and Eric’s loins have been aching to fertilize her lady garden but he has to take her back to the Belmont family castle and keep her there until she reaches her Red Moon.

Claire becomes a slave to Eric as he begins his unending and alluring torture of the human-vampire mating custom while ensuring her keeps her away from other stalking vampires within the castle.

‘The Vampire’s Slave’ is only the beginning of the Tales of Vampires sequels. Just hang in there for the soon to be released ‘The Vampire’s Prisoner’, ‘The Vampire’s Mate’ and ‘The Vampire’s Captive’.

Number 3: Black Crow (The Raven Series Book 2) by USA’s current bestselling author J.L. Weil

There are 5 new books available on Amazon at $ 14.99 and 10 used ones at $5.78. This 254-page science fiction and fantasy novel is also suitable for teens and young adults between ages 15-18 years.

If you loved the mortal vampire teenage romance drama between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the Twilight sequel, you will fall for the ‘Black Crow.’ This book is, however, the 2nd series right after ‘White Raven’ and completed by the ‘Soul Symmetry’. Therefore stack your shelf with the entire supernatural romance experience this publishing has to offer.

To sum up the storyline… the White Raven who is also a banshee is in love with Zane Hunter, the ultimate bad boy hunk who stole her heart. However, she is obligated to marry Zane’s brother, thus she has to make painful decisions. Does she abandon her duty to pursue her forbidden love?

The White Raven discovers that her life isn’t as simple as she’d hoped, packed with intense family history and being a banshee leaves something to be desired.

Number 2: Lucifer’s Daughter (Queen of the Damned Book 1) by USA’s today most praised author Kel Carpenter

This urban fantasy novel is endowed with immense action and feverish romance, therefore if you love the whole out-of-the-blue bomb action, go ahead and purchase this book for only $5.99 for the new version and $2.72 for the used version on Amazon.

Everyone knows about the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. Only in this book, they don’t rain disaster but a 23-year old half-demon Ruby Morningstar does. She runs a basic simple life in Portland where she manages a tattoo parlour with her best friend, has a pet raccoon and an obsessed ex-boyfriend who stalks her.  But one day her life turns upside down when she is rescued by a handsome stranger from jail and uncovers that she is the source of all evil.

All these tantalizing ventures are packed in this 176-page book.

Number 1: Rogue Cyborg by yet another USA bestselling author Grace Goodwin

If you are often captivated by romance plots involving rebel bad boys then hurry and snag yourself a copy of this book going for $10.24 on Amazon.

Makarios of Kronos and Gwendolyn Fernandez share a cosmic connection. While they both agree to a bargain for their interests, Makarios consumes Gwen’s body and soul that she becomes hooked.

But love isn’t always straightforward. A weird Nexus creature is greatly interested in Gwen and wants her for himself.

Strap on your seatbelt as it’s going to be one hell of a ride in this crazy twisted story of Makarios and Gwendolyn.

These top 5 supernatural romance books are guaranteed to keep you addicted all year long.


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