Top 5 Historical Romance Books of 2021


Here’s to all readers out there who get turned on by historical romance- I know I do!

The alluring images of corsets, potential suitors fighting to the death over a beautiful lass or secret love affairs is enough to keep you captivated this entire year.

As a historical romance book fanatic, you’ve probably looked into almost all the reviews of the top 50 novels to keep you busy, but in case you’re a busy bee and haven’t got much time on your hands, we’ve compiled a top 5 list of historical romance books you should not miss out on this year.

Without further due, let’s get cracking:

5. Wild Wicked Scot by Julia London

New York Times bestselling author Julia London offers you tantalizing Scottish romance to keep you enthralled from cover to cover.

The English red-haired and green-eyed rich girl Margot Armstrong fled her marriage to a Scottish chieftain 3 years before to be with her passionate lover, Arran McKenzie.

However, the two lovers’ countries’ delicate coalition gets threatened and Margot is forced to return to her husband to dig out his deceit before her family is blamed. The irony is Margot’s return browbeat everything her husband has gained over the years.

There are rumours of the English army planning to take out McKenzie’s territory and he has to deal with his beautiful lover’s spying on top of her seduction.

But even with all these secrets, Margot and McKenzie can’t keep away from each other even though their affair keeps leading them into hellfire.

4. The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George

It’s funny how you can never miss a handsome duke and a charming heiress in historical romance publishing. Harper astonishes us with the twisted plot consisting of a vivacious American heiress, August Crenshaw who is unlike any London wallflower that is easily swayed into marriage by midsummer strolls or courtship flowers and a simple kiss on the hand.

August is an ambitious woman with dreams of owning her family’s business, Crenshaw Iron Works-which I think is quite refreshing considering women characters of the time had their heads wrapped around getting hitched to wealthy lords.

August’s parents decide to marry off her younger cooperative sister to Evan Sterling, the Duke of Rothschild who is obligated to marry into the Crenshaw family to inherit their wealth.

But the duke’s encounter with August makes him fall hard for her. And despite her countless efforts to shun him, Evan likes her more and more. Will she agree to marry him in the end? Get your copy of this awesome novel going for only $7.99 on Kindle Store. This is one of the best historical romance books of the year!

3. The Duke’s Princess Bride by Amalie Howard

Doesn’t this book make you remember the 1987 movie ‘The Princess Bride’? Nothing says historical romance than a princess damsel in distress who gets rescued by her long lost lover.

Amalie offers us the juicy storyline of a half-Indian half-British princess Sarani Rao born to an Indian maharaja and a British mother. She has it all, elegance, wealth and a coronet but because she is not pure Indian, she is considered a reject. And when her father is killed, her only chance of survival is emigration.

When everything seems bleak, fate throws a surprise in the princess’ way. The captain of the ship Sarani boards is Rhystan Huntley, a man she once loved but rejected.

With Rhystan reluctantly assuming his final role as the captain of the ship, it’s no shock that fate decreed he would encounter the woman of his heart once again.

2. Capturing the Earl by A.S. Fenichel   

Tighten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride with this one involving an eerie love rectangle between the dashing Wesley Renshaw and three impeccable women Lady Aurora Radcliff, Mercy and Mercedes Parsons (who are all best friends FYI).

Mercedes is fiercely loyal to her friends and serves to protect them at all costs including Aurora from blindly entering another marriage with Wesley after the disastrous end of her first one.

Mercy is obsessed with Wesley because of his obvious charms and intellect; however, the earl is set on tying the knot with Aurora and doesn’t want to be swayed by Mercy’s alluring beauty and wittiness. Wesley has to marry Aurora so that he could take possession of his once family’s historical home.

While Wesley admires Mercedes for being so devoted to her girlfriends, he is irritated by her meddling into his affairs and decides that he too can play the espionage game. But their exploits take a toll especially when the earl finds that his heart isn’t with Aurora or Mercy anymore.

Speaking of bad love timing! What will Wesley do after finding the right woman at such a mismatched time?

Stay tuned for the book that will be out on January 26th.

1.     Someday My Duke Will Come by Christina Britton

The first-rate regency fun offered by this New York Times bestseller will make you turn all 333 pages of the book.

Once again we uncover a duke but with the twisted plot of a fake engagement.

Lady Clara Ashford is dedicated to being her family’s caregiver having lost her interest for love after she was heartbroken 15 years ago by a man who took her virginity.

But with her younger sister preparing to get married and move out, Clara feels like her life has lost meaning. However, she is about to find some excitement when Quincy Nesbitt, the new Duke of Reigate proposes a fake engagement.

After Quincy became duke, he was bound to wed his elder brother’s ex-fiancée though he wasn’t thrilled at the idea of walking down the aisle with a woman he has never met.

The duke thus turned to Clara for assistance so he won’t have to marry out of duty. See what unfolds as their secret hoax becomes the real deal for Quincy. Now he has to convince Clara to give him a chance despite her dark love history.

There you go! All 5 historical love books neatly packed and wrapped for your consummation.

Have a fabulous 2021!  

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