Why LivingWriter is the Best Writing App for Fantasy

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We all know that starting, plotting, writing and organizing your novel is no easy task. Particularly the intricate complex culture of fantasy writer whose storytelling across diverse cultures can be a daunting task when following the great footsteps of Arabian Nights, Howard, One Thousand and One Nights and many others.

With so much imaginative concepts at your fingertips and the fantasy genre proving to be limitless, it’s quite ironic for a writer to get stuck especially without the right writing app to get you to where you desire to be.

Here are three basic reasons why you should choose LivingWriter for your fantasy writing this year:

Always Evolving:  LivingWriter’s sole aim is to be the best writing app you’ll work with. It has a roadmap that is constantly executing updated features suggested by its loyal clients. Thus is you notice anything that needs to be upgraded or changed to make your writing more pleasurable, LivingWriter is always ready to work on your suggestion to make your fantasy writing a success.

Remarkable customer service: LivingWriter’s staff members work tirelessly to improve your writing experience. They are available 24/7 to attend to your writing needs so you don’t get stuck. You’ll not find another writing platform that is as dedicated to your needs as LivingWriter!

Safeguards your work: LivingWriter software backs up your information as well as maintain data security because it works on an indispensable Amazon AWS structure. This means no downtime and you never have to worry about data loss. That’s how good LivingWriter is- online writing software at its best!

With most of its clients spinning up fantasy, LivingWriter boasts of creativity and fictional story elements. Even better, LivingWriter offers you a free trial for 14 days so you have nothing to lose.

Now let’s get into why LivingWriter should be a must-have for your fantasy writing:

1. The World-building Foundation

 You’ve probably heard that the amount of time you invest in world-building is directly linked to the success of your fantasy book. World-building can be equated to setting the foundation of your house. Without it, your fantasy story lacks the vitality and liveliness to capture your audience. But world-building is such an enormous task that evens the father of fantasy, Tolkien’s head spins around with including every facet of his plot.

Luckily, LivingWriter can help with organizing and planning, which means you’ll have more time to channel your ideas into the novel.

  • On-Screen Sidebar: This tool helps you jot down your notes quickly as the ideas flow thus leaving nothing behind.
  • Drag and Drop: Arrange and rearrange your worlds and story elements without having to copy and paste.
  • Visibility Board: The board tool creates a world view of your plot so you get a feel of your story’s flow.

2. Plot Your Direction

What sets apart a kick-ass fantasy writer from ordinary is how you plot your story. You don’t have to follow your structure to the letter but the plot essentially helps you know where you’re heading. The problem is when you plot on a notepad, you’ll be left with no real framework and several pages filled with scribbles and perhaps a table grid with a rough sequence.

LivingWriter solves this disorganization by enabling you to plot quickly using time-credited story outlines. Furthermore, the app has availed several outlines similar to the ones used in famous fantasy novels. Each outline has a detailed guide that takes you through every step- trust us; no other writing app will simplify your work like LivingWriter!

Some of the outlines include The Hero’s Journey, the Three Act Structure, Dan Harmones Story Circle, 27 Beat Chapter Plotting and many more.

3. Creating Complex Characters

As with any other genre, it’s usually fantasy fiction characters that reel readers into the story. You may have set your epic out-of-the-world plot and magic structure but without interesting characters, readers may not care much about the novel in general. Despite the method you use, the essence is to create diverse, flawed, dynamic, realistic and relatable fantasy characters.

With LivingWriter’s Smart Text and Auto-suggest feature, you can store all your story’s elements and the app will easily retrieve notes and other information about each story element. It’s hard to find this feature in any other writing app!

4. Writing Goals

You can’t simply say “I want to write a 300,000-word fantasy novel by the end of the year,” and leave it at that. Just the voluminous word count is enough to make you quit before you start. 

P.S. Hoffman advises that the best writing goals are specific, measurable and keep track of time intervals. Simply put, your writing goals should be split into word counts, milestones and minutes.

No writing app visualizes your writing goals as amazingly as LivingWriter. It helps you split your goals and deadlines into chapter goals, story goals and monthly goals. What’s more, while other writing software wasn’t designed to hold up to a 100,000-word manuscript, LivingWriter holds each chapter and sub-chapter and maintains a hasty load of your entire masterpiece every time you open.

Are you the Stephen King or George R.R. Martin type who doesn’t plot at all? You don’t care much for story organization but with the general idea in your head, you just wanna fly by the seat of your pants. The good news is you don’t have to use the cooler features such as Auto-suggest, Story Elements and more than LivingWriter has to offer. Its top-notch editor has got you covered with its automatic cloud synchronize and versioning.

Lastly, you may have started your fantasy novel using another writing app such as Scrivener and want to import it to LivingWriter. With a couple of clicks, you can seamlessly import your existing manuscript and finish the rest of your book on LivingWriter. You’ll pick your writing right where you left off!

No other writing software offers you the liberation that LivingWriter does. With its eye-striking board, genius story elements and intuitive coordination, you can have your whole fantasy world built before typing your first letter.