Five Top-Notch Writing Software for the Year 2022

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You’re a novelist on the prowl and you feel like nothing can stop you! But you are also probably dealing with flocks of Google Docs and scribbling your ideas on a notepad, which you misplace every once in a while. Your ultimate solution to this is novel writing software.

We’ve got you covered with highlights of the best and most affordable novel writing software for this year. Such software will aid to sort out your writing and motivate you to keep punching those keys to the very last full stop.

Let’s begin with the reviews.

1. LivingWriter Book Editor (Free to start)

This novel writing software helps you get started on your book, plot your book, write, organize and export it all to your publisher.

Certainly, an upgrade from a blank sheet, LivingWriter’s features are user-friendly and channelled toward a sole goal, which is helping you create an epic novel.

LivingWriter automatically saves your book as you type and the best part is it doesn’t tie your creativity down to one device. While not many writing apps are cloud-based, LivingWriter is the future of novel writing- It enables you to work on any device at any location.

LivingWriter is changing novelists’ lives and it offers you 14 days free trial just so you get a feel of it!

2. Bibisco (Free software-Community Package)

The following are this novel writing software’s most notable features: scene-by-scene word processing, “architecture” overview story screen, distribution analysis for every story element and a separate category to develop characters.

Bibisco is a unique free story planning software with lots of virtual tools and notecards to assist you instead of jolting your ideas on a napkin.

The free “Community” edition provides you with six distinct screens to assemble and expand your novel elements.

The software’s architecture screen is the best function which helps you develop narrative threads and express their connection, then expatiate them utilizing your “scene” notecards.

Indeed the most important role of Bibisco is to break down your novel writing into bite-size, easier to comprehend pieces.

On the other hand, if you are used to writing in one lengthy, in-inclusive format, Bibisco may seem somewhat frustrating as you can only work scene-by-scene.

However, if productivity and perception are your top priority and you’re overwhelmed by complex interfaces, then you should definitely give Bibisco a try.

3. FastPencil (Free Software)

FastPencil novel writing software is ideally Google Docs for the expert or developing novel writer.

Its features include multiple layout preview alternatives, cooperative editing, publication setup, drag-and-drop chapters and a simple navigation tool.

This online writing tool is not downloadable, thus only available if you have access to unlimited internet. However, because it is completely free, probably you won’t mind not being able to work outdoors or on planes.

This software’s easy-to-use streamlined interface enables users to launch a writing project, invite collaborators and share information through the app.

Two parties can simultaneously upload attainable “Assets” for resource during the novel construction process and construct “Tasks” for each of them to achieve.

Once the novel is complete, the user can preview it using the app’s unique layout templates designed for different genres including “Dragon”, “Business” and “Memoir”. Though these templates are basic, they’ll give you a feeling of how your published book will look like.

Lastly, FastPencil allows you to export your novel manuscript using the “Publication Setup.”

4. FocusWriter (Free Software)

FocusWriter novel writing software offers you a fresh simple blank page for you to construct your book.

If you constantly struggle to concentrate on your plot development, then FocusWriter may be your ultimate dream-maker!

Though this software isn’t specific for novels, it will assist you to increase your writing output. And it is entirely free-no disguises such as “premium upgrade”, no limited- trial period, no purchase with warranty. You might as well give it a try- you have nothing to lose.

With no extra tools that cause distraction, FocusWriter lets you focus completely on your writing. You can still keep track of your daily goals, check your word count and format your manuscript.

You may also consider installing the app-blocking software for a more enjoyable and even less distracting writing experience.

5. Freedom ($6.99 per month; $20 per year, free 7-day trial)

Rather than having to install an app-blocker, this novel writing software offers you app and website blocking for only $6.99 per month.

You can also synchronize across devices, which means you can from anywhere whether on your laptop or someone else’s. Its other features include session history, advance block scheduling and personalized blocklists and whitelisting.

If procrastination is your major weakness, you will find Freedom to be your game changer. It not only helps you manage your time but also its features are discreetly designed.

Even better, if you’re susceptible to mid-writing weakness moment, you can simply click the “Locked Mode” that prevents you from disabling the app until your time is up.

Freedom might sound like super strict software as opposed to its said name, but hey we’re writers! And completing a whole book needs discipline.

If you desperately need novel writing software that offers you a little tough love to boost your productivity, it can’t get better than Freedom.

Remember no novel writing software is a magic wand! All these don’t write your novel for you but only make your work easier. With more structure, motivation and laser focus, you will definitely get your novel done!